Torn Jacket of the Chief Justice

Posted on March 14, 2007. Filed under: Chief Justice of Pakistan, Islamabad, Politics |

I feel as if I was stripped naked today in broad daylight on a busy road. I want to crawl into a dark hole, put my head on my knees and mourn the death of my dignity and honor. If you are a Pakistani and you don’t feel the same way today then either you have already lost your dignity long time ago or you are so senseless that small matters of national embarrassment don’t bother you the least bit.Of course I am talking about the blatant disregard of the constitution by our esteem president regarding the sacking and subsequent dishonoring of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. In any civilized society, the judiciary is extended utmost respect since it is the flag carrier of human rights, equality and justice. Whether it is a matter of punishing a pick pocket or defining the laws of the land in the light of the constitution, judiciary is the last venue for a common man to have a say. Every great nation and ancient civilization elevated its judiciary to the highest levels of honor to guarantee the basic rights of its citizens. Looking at the history of judiciary in Pakistan, one is surprised to see how it has been used as a tool for politicians to achieve their political goals and to advance their agenda.We can write pages upon pages trying to cover the history of judicial misconduct in Pakistan and how it was misused by the governments and politicians, but that is best left for another day. Today I just want to write about the treatment of his honor Justice Iftikhar by the government of Pakistan. The top judge of the nation is being treated like a criminal, manhandled by the police and forced under house arrest on some charges that have not even been released to the public. No matter what the charges are, the chief of judiciary should be given more respect than that. The prestige and dignity of the post of CJ of Pakistan (that he still constitutionally hold) should not be compromised under any circumstances.In next few days, we might find out more about the charges and the ruling of SJC on this case. Right now though the whole episode looks like a part of the larger conspiracy that may have a long lasting impact on Pakistan. Until then I will remain in my dark hole and pray that my nation will find an ounce of conscience so things like this are never repeated. I invite all of you to mourn with me, or at least the ones who feel that the torn jacket of the Chief Justice is more than an ungainly disarrangement of threads. It is a tear in the basic cloth of our society and represents how uncivil we are in this civilized world.

I am either a self hating Pakistani or someone who loves Pakistan so much that every spot on the honor of my society feels like a personal attack on me. I am yet to find out the answer.


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