Jamia Hafsa Ninjas on the rampage again

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Ninja, the word conjures up images of trained killers acting as hired guns for their evil masters. Performing sabotage, espionage, and assassinations to subvert civil society. Katanas and throwing stars aside, the ninjas real weapon was fear. They conquered through fear, employing tactics that can only be defined today as terrorism. It took the state a while to gather up the courage to wage a campaign against them and rid society of their menace.

As the sun was setting on Tuesday evening, a gang of ninjas was making final preparations inside their temple with plans to invade a house and abduct four members of the resident family. Those who saw the armed gang leaving the devilishly red Lal Masjid knew something ominous was in the air. Thirty women clad in black from head to toe were backed up by ten of their brothers in arms as the group moved through the creeping shadows.
They moved swiftly …. at times. Mostly though, they ran into each other, and into street poles, and into oncoming traffic. You see, the ninja’s stealthy black burqa costumes are marvels of costume design. A flowing A-line, that allows ease of movement and prevents even educated observers from reading the movements of the ninja. The only drawback is the extremely limited peripheral vision. For all practical purposes the Hafsa ninjas march and fight with tunnel vision. That explains the purpose of the male chaperone’s. They make sure the ninjas don’t succumb to the perils of a journey down the block. Some of the talibs walk in front. These forward observers also serve as beacons for the ninjas to follow and stay on path. Other talibs form the rear guard and a couple are posted on the flanks. This arrangement work well to keep the flock together. The talibs are not as efficient as, …. ehhhh … say sheep dogs. We have all marvelled at the ability of a couple of dogs to flock hundreds of sheep. But then again the sheep have a better sense of their surroundings and possibly better developed civic and common senses. The Hafsa ninjas compensate for these with overtly developed senses of moral superiority and religious fanaticism.
Residents of nearby sector G-6 cowered in fear as the gang of armed ninjas swept through the streets and converged on the target house. There were four people in the house. The matron of the family, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and her grand daughter of only six months. These poor women didn’t know what hit them. Within moments the ninjas had overpowered the residents. The beaten and scared women were then hurriedly marched back down the block to, Lal Masjid, the ninja’s temple-cum-fortress.
The word of the ninja attack and abductions spread through the city like fire. The government has so far been reluctant to confront the lawless Hafsa ninja. These ninja have their own vision of what the law of the land should be. Something the call the law of the Hasba. They have previously stared down the government on a couple of occasions. First, when they forced the government to back down on their illegal land grabs and later when they occupied a children’s public library for weeks. The writ if the government eroded further when taliban from Lal Masjid grabbed a couple of police men from the street and held them hostage.
The question now is how long before the government and people of Pakistan realize our freedoms and society are worth defending against the menace of Hafsa, Hasba, Burka, Durka et al.

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21 Responses to “Jamia Hafsa Ninjas on the rampage again”

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while the ninjas never allowed any woman to be in company of a male, they themselves were always surrounded by “na mahram” males, who freely moved in and out of a facility where thousands of these ninjas were kept and virtuly locked. No one knew what went on inside as this was a highly secret and well gaurded sanctury. But since the ninjas had their faith well tested, the laws of shari did not apply to them and it were only their pure souls who were spirtually trained enough, to enjoy the benifits of a practially co-ed training system. They could even sleep at the anjoyining library while the male talibs moved around without any fear of interference from authorities.

Shabana, you have rightly pointed out the double standard of the niqabi ninja here. What happens in the library bathroom, stays in the library bathroom. They are unbound by laws and authority they don’t recognize, yet they want to impose on the rest of the population laws that the citizens don’t want.

wow…what insight u have…u forgot to mention the brothel the “innocent women” were running..u forgot to mention hundreds of innocent girls they have black mailed till today..if u get some time plz head down to “the temple” and find out about all the girls dat came to “the ninjas” and told their stories of being black mailed and raped by friends of the “poor women”…and even if the ‘ninjas’ are wrong what a way of criticizing them…aren’t they humans..maybe they have a point of view too.. ever tried to understand that??? i doubt it..u just look at their burqas and make ur opinion..tell me plz. have u ever tried to communicate with any of the “ninjas”..ever tried to look past their veils..nah i doubt it..and one more thing..i love the part where u compare humans wid sheep dogs.
plz next time do some actual research before making up ur opinion and find out points of views from both the parties.

Ms Shabana and Ms alibhae I am sorry but both of you are making the claims with out any evidences I will not say that Students of jamia hafza are doing wrong thing. All of these are all in accordance with the Islamic laws infect the way they are adopting is not the right ways. Some one need to guide them forward’s Ms shabana we should better look in to our selves rather than pointing figures at these ladies’. You will be familiar with this statement “To every action there is a apposite reaction” and I think this is the reaction of what is happening in our society. We are at a verge of destruction. Let us ask out selves what is Islam and what are we doing with it…leave students of jamia every one of us should see what we are doing. May Allah guide all of us and give us a clear vision.

Mohammed, there is absolutely no proof that their home was a brothel. All you have is taliban said, talibaat said. I am sure you know that false accusation is a sin. A reputation once destroyed by false accusation can never be recovered. Every news paper, every TV channel, every person on the street is going around talking about the brothel. What brothel. All they found was an older woman, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and her baby grand-daughter. So who was she pimping out at this brothel. Was it her daughter, or her daughter-in-law, or the baby girl.

Unless you have collected or seen any proof of this you have committed the sin of laying false accusation on people. I am also sure you have no proof of the rapes and blackmailing they have committed. I give you the same advice you gave me. Do some original research into the matter before you put these false accusations on people. Who knows what people will accuse you or your your family of. I’ll give you one more advice. Go and ask aunty Shamim and the three females of her family their forgiveness. Only they can forgive you for the sin you just committed against them. How is that for a lesson in Islam.

Oh, and thanks for showing your love for something I wrote. I am afraid you missed some point in there. I refered to the herd of 30-40 talibaat as the sheep herd and the dozen or so talibaan as the sheep dogs.

I really liked you commentary, its funny on such a tragic subject.

The Holy Koran clearly states, “There is no compulsion in religion” What part of this do these ignorant idiots not understand?

I blame Musharaf and his fear of religious gangsters, he has been afraid of them from the start, he is not afraid of politicians and political parties with a legitimate grievance against his illegal rule, but against these ignorant and jahill enemies of Islam, he is very scared as they threaten his rule. At the end of the day, Musharaf is also one of the same corrupt, useless type leaders that Pakistan has had the bad luck of raising from time to time..

Ali clearly stated that sheep probably has better civic and moal sense than these animals.
Comparing them to sheep and dogs would be an insult of noble animals. To me they fall somewhere between cockroaches and maggots in the chain of evolution.

Here is my gripe with the government … why the hell havent they shut down their water and electricity yet! esp for the ones hiding in the shadows in the children’s library. Let a little sweat drop from those brows and I want to see how long those burqas last inside the upcoming summer in Pakistan. If nothing else, their BO might at least force them to vacate

Quote:Oh, and thanks for showing your love for something I wrote. I am afraid you missed some point in there. I referred to the herd of 30-40 talibaat as the sheep herd and the dozen or so talibaan as the sheep dogs.”
so wat point did i miss, this is exactly what i was saying, you comparing humans to animals. no matter wat humans deserve a certain level of respect..
as far as being a brothel
“Ghazi further claimed that the locals informed the students that Abpara Police Station SHO Rasheed Niazi had once raided her house, however, she had abused him as well as torn apart his uniform.”
and if u read the whole article you will find that the local community is also tired of her.. the residents have held a press conference as well..but the worst part is no one is ready to take action.. is the whole of the neighborhood not good enough for you.. who else should bear witness.. obviously the media ain’t gonna say its a brothel cuz it hasn’t been proven in a court of law.. o im sorry how can you prove it if the cops aren’t even ready to register a FIR so u cant expect the media to say anything.. u can check the link urself

@A. Anjum, “every one of us should see what we are doing” “we should better look in to our selves rather than pointing figures at these ladies”, did you mean ladies abducted by the talibat? Does this rule apply to the talibat too?
“leave students of jamia ” Main tu kambal ko chorta hoon , kambal hi mujhe nahin chorta.
I did not make any accusation without evidence, I just reported what is happening and shown on TV everyday. Already?
There is something called I.Q. Please try to imporve on it.

Oh and thanks for reminding me that dragging people in streets, threatning people, breaking into homes are part of islamic law. I had completely forgotton that part of the Islamic law.

Dear Ali Bhai
Will u agree if your sister agreed to sleep
with me? please let her because she is doing of
her own free will? will Ya?

Ahmed, she is free to do as she wants. That is the point of being an adult with free will. I will be a little disappointed that she lowered her standards to accomodate you. And I’ll make ‘hoor keh pehlo mein langoor’ jokes, but other than that its her choice. You should now run and ask your mother permission before my sister changes her mind about this thing.

It is a giant leap for you to equate this situation with your comment. If free will is something you can not comprehend then how about a world where I stop your mother in the middle of the road and flog her a couple of times for not wearing a naqaab? Would you like that?

The whole idea of claiming that Shariah is the solution to all problems is insane to say the least. Do you think adultery, alcohol and gambling do not exist in your model society of Saudi Arabia with their Shariah laws?

Well Ali Bhai, Thanks for the permission 🙂 but I’ll pass. Perhaps you can find some other party for her.. Plz quote reasonable rates haan 😉

Anyway, your reply clearly shows we are from two completely different worlds. From where I come from, it is completly unthinkable if someone talks abt our sister or mother in this manner. We are the protector and guardians of their modesty and we WILL protect them. And that is the reason why I felt the action against Aunty Shamim was justified. Nation’s daughters and sisters are expolited by this flesh trade and the police instead of stopping it, becomes a party to it. In such case, if female members of a Religious Institution take it upon themselves to rid society of this cancer, I say GREAT JOB!
It may not be lagal according to Constitution of Pakistan but it is completely legal according to Constitution of Allah!
And remember that is where you and me have to go eventually and be accountable.. If u believe?

liptondicha: not wearing a niqab is not tantamount to running a brothel, u stupid son-of-a bitch.

Well thanks for calling me a son of a bitch and claiming to be the custodian of women’s honor in the same post. Shows a lot of character for a self righteous person. BRAVO!

It’s idiots like you who destroyed our country. I asked you if you would rather live in a country where I can slap your mother on the street for not wearing a naqaab. remember its Allah’s law (or at least the definition of it by the mullahs). So your mother can go out without a naqaab under Pakistan’s constitution but as a Muslim I have the obligation to enforce Allah’s law and slap her right??

Now take your head out of your ass and try to make sense the next time you write something. I can call you a son of a swine, whore or a bitch but I have more class than that 🙂

Oh I forgot to add that Mr. guardian of women’s honor has no problem talking about someone else’s sister in that way but God forbid someone talks about his. He WILL protect her honor.. HAHAHAHA what a joke.

I’ll rephrase yr question: Would I like to live in a country where women are forced to wear niqabs?

This is a multi variable issue and with yr disposition to see only single variable while ignoring the others, I’m not sure whether you can understand or not. Anyway, my duty is to communicate, rest is upto Allah SWT.
See Islam is a deen, a complete way of Life. It has comprehensive systems for all spheres of life: Belief System, Moral System, Education System, Spiritual System, Legal System, Political System, Economic System, etc.
If we look at the life of the Prophet (SAW) which is the best example to follow, we’ll realize that the legal system was enforced only after other systems were already in place or in the process. And hence all the benefits of the wonderful deen were experience by the citizens of the Islamic State. This system was carried over completely by the Khulfa Rashideen and partially by subsequent Khilafats.
Now coming to present age, enforcing just the Shariah without emphasis on other aspects of the Deen is not ideal and will not produce the society desired by Allah SWT. Hence the current problems with partial Shariah in Saudi Arabia.
However, on the principle that something is better than nothing… one can see the benefits of even these steps in these countries. For eg. the no. of rapes committed in Saudi is much lower than in Pakistan, etc, etc.
Answer to yr question is I would rather stay in my own country and strive in the way of Allah of implementing the Shariah here rather than go to some other country.
And believe you me this is yr duty as well.. otherwise be prepared for some serious whip lashes yr self..

Alright! since you already put your hand in the beehive let’s talk about the complete way of life of Islam. Please address the following.

How will you implement Islamic economic system (keeping in view the intricacies and complexities present in the current economic system) in a country that can not even feed its people without taking out loans from the IMF and paying interest?

How will you implement Islamic political system in a country of 160 million people divided in many ethnicities and a vast majority of whom are disfranchised from the system?

Please shed some light on the education system according to the Islamic law.

As far as Saudi Arabia is concerned, the Shariah law only applies to the people who are at the bottom of the barrel. Ask any sheikh how many concubines they have and what kind of whiskey they like as soon as they board a jet to Las Vegas to gamble away the oil money.

Just for your information, the Saudis are the third largest buyer of U.S bearer bonds (after U.S and Japan) that pays interest. As a fun trivia tidbit, the leader of all jihadi activities Mr. Bin Ladin owns almost $350 million worth of U.S bearer bonds and uses the interest to pay for his perversion.

Oh and about your comment on lashes for me. I will die before I am forced to live in a country where my fundamental rights as a human being are violated.

liptondicha: Now wer’re talking Business!

Query 1. How do we implement Islamic System in a country that cant feed its people witout taking loan from IMF on Interest?

First, following are the fundamental principles of an Islamic Economic System:
1. Muslims are not to deal in interest.
2. It is forbidden to gain property or wealth by fraud, deceit, theft, or other falsehoods.
3. It is particularly hateful for a guardian to take from an orphan’s property.
4. Forbidden are earnings from gambling, lotteries, and the production, sale, and distribution of alcohol.
5. It is unlawful to hoard food and other basic necessities. Everyone should take what they need and no more.
6. A Muslim should be responsible in spending money. Extravagance and waste are strongly discouraged.
7. Payment of Zakat (alms). Every Muslim who owns wealth, more than a certain amount to meet his or her needs, must pay a fixed rate of Zakat to those in need.
8. Muslims are encouraged to give constantly in charity.

As you can see pt. 5-8 are virtual guarantees that people will not die of hunger in an Islamic State.
Zakat alone is such a powerful tool.- imagine if everybody paid 2.5% from his/her wealth each other- how much money wud that be considering the 20-80 rule!
History bears Witness that in the times of the Prophet (after establishment of Islamic State of Medina) and that of the Khulfa Rashideen, there were givers of Zakat but no more takers!!
As far as IMF is concerned, that and other instances of dealing in interest is one of the reasons of our economic woes today. The Quran clearly states that whoever deals in Interest, Allah and The Prophet (SAW) declare war against him. So we as a nation are in a continuous state of war with Allah and His Prophet (SAW). How can we ever expect to really prosper?

Query 2: How will you implement Islamic political system in a country of 160 million people divided in many ethnicities and a vast majority of whom are disfranchised from the system?

Answer lies in your question. Because we are divided into so many ethnicities and group, we need one binding force that transcends all boundaries—- Hub-lulAllah!! Rope of Allah i-e Quran and Sunnah. The muslim brotherhood breaks all barriers and divisions and unites us in one Ummah.
Second answer is also from yr quetion: because most people are disenfranchised with the system is the precise reason we need a new system. System of Allah- Khilafat.

Now what is the process of Establishing Khilafah. Here are the steps as followed by the Prophet (SAW):

Dawah (Calling people to Islam and Iman)
Tanzeem (Organization of those who respond)
Passive Resistance
Active Resistance
Challenge and Conflict

Query 3:Please shed some light on the education system according to the Islamic law.
The principles of Islamic Education system is to prepare Individuals primarily for the Eternal Life and secondarily to prosper in this life.
Hence the Islamic Education system is a mix of study of Divine Knowledge and Wordly Knowledge.
Divine Knowledge will be taught from Quran, Hadith and Fiqah while Worldly Knowledge from the contemporary fields of Science, Mathematics, etc. The critieria of Wordly knowledge is
1. It should be useful ie-e not just a waste of time.
2. It should not go against any injunction of Divine Knowledlge.
Please note that this not mean that divine knowledge is not useful in this life. No. It is for both lives. Just the worldly knowledge is relevant for this life.

Query 4; Saudis dealing in interest and Shariah Rules not applying to elite.
Who said Saudi is a perfect eg. of Islam. On the contrary, it is light years away from it. As I mentioned in the previous post, the reason we dont see fruits of Divine system in Saudi is that they have just implemented the legal system (that too partially!!) without any attention on the other systems of Islam. However, even this has created substantial benefits. One i mentioned before abt. no. of rapes. Further, Saudi has amongst the lowere rate of crimes in the worlds.

Hope to answer the queries. I have tried to be brief. I am not an Alim Deen. May Allah pardon my mistakes. But it was necessary to answer. For detailed and comprehensive info on these topics, please refer to Mustanad Alim Deen books .

I would love to counter your post on each and every comment you made (even though you only recited the tenants of Islam when I asked for ideas how they could be implemented in today’s society) but the admin of this board doesn’t like long posts in the comment section.

If you like, you can e-mail me at liptondicha@gmail.com and I would discuss this subject further.

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