The Hafsa Ninja abduction case: what now?

Posted on April 2, 2007. Filed under: Islamabad, Jamia Hafsa Ninjas, Politics, Talibanization |

On the third day, auntie Shamim, as the kidnapped woman was known to her neighbours, was finally released by her captors along with her family. But not before they were forced to record a meia culpa in front of media. The supporters of Laathi raj are now pointing out that statement as proof positive that she was involved in said activities. Not many have pointed out that the statement was extracted under extreme duress, after two days of solitary confinement, during which they were harassed and underwent physical and mental abuse. What is a person under such circumstance to assume of her prospects. The circumstances of her abduction following a violent home invasion are now know to all. There have to be hundreds of witnesses in the neighborhood and along the route back to the madrassa. Most reports have put the number of the attacking ninja and talibaan party at sixty to eighty. They must have created a ruckus. With such a large audience and no one coming to release her for two days in the middle of Islamabad, she must have assumed her goose was on the roaster. Al-qaeda and talibaan terrorists have confessed to more sinister crimes with less torture. Long story short, the abductees confessed their sins and promised to stay on sunni path. They were released and shortly thereafter, they recanted their statements.

On the surface it looks like a case of much ventured, nothing gained for the Lal Masjid goondas. But the woman and her activities were never the issue to begin with. The whole action was perpetuated to establish the writ of the mullah on Pakistani psyche. And we all saw the grip is broad and strong. Hordes have come out supporting the rights of the bearded and hooded citizens to forcefully enforce their belief system on the rest of the society. Where else in the world can gangster abduct people from a major city, abduct police men from the street, and hold them all prisoners for any lenght of time. This can only happen in a broken society. It can only happen where law and order has broken down to the extent that criminals can roam the streets free and enforce their own version of law and order. And that is exactly what the talibaan are and that is what they accomplished in Islamabad.

A few days later we have seen the talibaan and ninja committee threaten audio/video stores to stop selling CDs and DVDs. We have seen them threaten the government with suicide attacks if any action weretaken against them. We have seen them establish a parallel court system inside their mosques. The writ of the government has been effectively challenged in the seat of the government, it has been found weak, and has been replaced by the writ of the mullah. Lets see whose head rolls at the end of the day.


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2 Responses to “The Hafsa Ninja abduction case: what now?”

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IS Islam is name of Talibization? if someone try to follow Islam then STUPID people say talibanization? Have u ever read Quran? If Talibanization is according to Quran then why objections?

Iftikhar, Islam is a religion. A religion is way man(woman) relate to god. Talibanization is a term that is used to refer to the process of establishing by force a strict salafi/wahabi interpretation of Islam upon the country. So you see my friend following Islam is not talibanization. Anybody who can’t differentiate between the two is indeed stupid.

I have countered your second point in a later post titled: “There is no compulsion in Islam“, By that definition talibanization which imposes by force its own version of sharia is against the koran. Not even our prophet was allowed by Allah to force Islam on people. Who are these jahil mullahs to do it then.

Yes, I have read the koran. I am afraid though, that you and I get different messages from the same book.

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