Hope is alive; Lal masjid website taken down

Posted on April 6, 2007. Filed under: Jamia Hafsa Ninjas, Lal Masjid, Talibanization |

Yes, our lovely patrons, the online mouthpiece of the blood red temple of doom is out of commission.

The talibaan of Islamabad went out of their way today when they set up their court system and threatened the government and people of Pakistan with suicide bombings. I am hoping that this is a permanent thing. Hopefully initiated by the government of Pakistan, and a sign of things to come on the streets of Islamabad for the masjid and its affiliated madrassas. Let’s hope the government is ready to execute a severe crackdown and follow that up with shutting these terrorist factories down for good.

I am keeping this short, because I’ve got my fingers crossed on both hand and typing is a bit hard this way. Chai with desi biscuts is on the house today.

Update: 12 April, The shaitan mullahs of Lal Masjid are back online. And they are complaining of curbs on their freedom of speech. Imagine the audacity. Will someone please shut them up already. Where are the hackers when you need them. Will someone please deface the Lal Masjid website with some pictures of women not wearing any burkas or much else. Please, pretty please!


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9 Responses to “Hope is alive; Lal masjid website taken down”

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Are we sure it was taken down by the government or people from all over the country logged on to the site to see the glimpse of their future Khalifa?

It is the most worse time for MUSLIM UMMAH that the writers form the young generation is totally unaware of the basics of ISLAM…..they r only aware of the so-called secularism that is told by our Dictators…or our secular media…… no one bother to get the knowlege of Islam from Quran or AHADEES…..everyone accept wht the media say….. whrn there is a clear HADEES of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H>) tht to stop the evil with your hand if u can….. then wht is the problem to people who call them selves MUSLIMS…. why dont they oblige to this Hadess… why dont they criticies the evil….instead of criticising MADRASSA or MASJID….. I request all writers to plz get the knolege of ISLAM as u try to get the scientific education… plz write wht Islam says…. not wht ur heart…or wht ur NAFS( kahwahishat) ur says……….

@ M Kamran Noon…

everyone accept wht the media say…..

Interesting. You have an alternate version of events here? I’d like to see it.

whrn there is a clear HADEES of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H>) tht to stop the evil with your hand if u can….. then wht is the problem to people who call them selves MUSLIMS…. why dont they oblige to this Hadess…

Did the Prophet also prescribe the use of sticks and batons to “stop evil”? And how about suicide bombs?

Unless I’m very mistaken, that’s what the Lal Masjid goons have threatened to do.

why dont they criticies the evil….instead of criticising MADRASSA or MASJID…..

What “evil” are you talking about? Music? CDs? DVDs?

And btw, we’re not criticizing “madrassah or masjid” in general.

We’re criticizing one particular masjid, the Lal Masjid, because of the actions of those who have occupied it.

Kamran, I am aptly knowledgable about the basics of Islam. The problem with hadith is not all major sects of islam believe in the same ones. More than anything else, hadith have been used by opposing groups of muslims to provide themselves with cover or justifications for violence.

Pakistan has a law on the books. If you don’t like the law, win elections, and change the law.

But for the sake of a conversation lets stay with your line of thought. Give me some more examples of the evil in society that you would like to stop with your hands.

I am no jurist but all the madrassa and lal masjid crowd had was accusations. In my reading of Islam, the prosecution and accusers have to prove the guilt. Heresay has never been admisible as proof. The sex crimes these women were being accused of should require four adult muslim male eye witnesses of good reputation in the area. I haven’t heard or read a single mention that the talibaan had even one witness. So what we have left is a case of home invasion, abduction, and illegal imprisonment. And that is the evil I am trying to stop with my hands by typing on my keyboard.


Why is it that all the so-called followers of Islam only see sex and alcohol as evil? Are they so narrow minded that to them all Islamic teaching and ahadis point towars these issues?

Name one Mullah who ever laid down a plan regarding women’s rights, child labor, illiteracy, promotion of technology and industry, rights of minorities etc etc etc.

If you think forcing women to wear a burqa and stopping people from listening to ghazals are more important issues than trade deficit and GDP then my friend you deserve the hell hole Pakistan will become if these people are elevated to power.

May this small effort by Jamia Hafsa and the
authorities of Lal masjid go a long way to
revolutionize the whole of IslamAbad and Pakistan
and reach India as well… Ameen.

they should be executed like daved quresh in texas

for Mumbaikar
india has proper law enforcement and these basterds can’t do anything there openly. thats the reason that india a progressing 5 times more than pakistan. we were so proud of pakistan and look what these bloody mullahs has done to our country and if still we don’t stop them, i don’t see pakistan anywhere in future!

Mullahs of pakistan are nothing but mother fucking bastard sons of bitches.

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