Ab tera kya banega Kaliya

Posted on April 9, 2007. Filed under: Jamia Hafsa Ninjas, Talibanization |

On Friday, the citizens of Islamabad were blessed with the establishment of a new court system, with its own jurisprudence, and its own methods of imposing verdicts. The Lal Masjid mufti courts have been established by a group of rebellious islamists. It is going to run parallel to the two existing parallel court system that precede it, namely the real court system and General bastard Zia’s federal shariat courts.

In the light of what happened recently to the terrorists of the Islamic courts union in another hotbed of islamist terrorism, and more succinctly, to the chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme court, the establishment of another court seems mistimed at best and suicidal at worse. Oh they did mention something about suicides at the Hasba/halwa courts opening shots. Let me go look up Friday papers. Meanwhile, general saab please drag the chief justice of this new court through the streets of our capital. If for no reason than to keep up with precedence.


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