Pakistan’s blood red Temple of Doom: Lal Masjid

Posted on April 9, 2007. Filed under: Lal Masjid, Talibanization |

A person commented in our piece on the Jamia Hafsa drama and tried to insinuate that we and some moderate visitors to this blog were unaware of the situation on ground in Islamabad. That we had somehow just become aware of Lal Masjid as this terrorist threat became public fodder. No my friends, we are well aware of the geography and history of Lal Masjid. Liptondicha being a born and bred son of Islamabad is well versed with the political history of the masjid.

Lets start today with a brief intro to the place. Lal Masjid, located on aabpara road in central Islamabad is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, mosque in Islamabad. Its central location places it with in very close proximity of various government offices, the ISI among them. There was a time, before being eclipsed by the newer, bigger, shinier, Faisal Mosque, when Lal Masjid was Islamabad’s main mosque. The presidents and the powerful in Islamabad used to offer ceremonial prayers in Lal masjid. The imam of the masjid used to to be the additional secretary of religious affairs. That was in the days of the moderate Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Then came the tyrant Zia, forcing a twisted view of Islam upon the people for his own benefit. He was helped on this path by the CIA. The dictator needed to stay in power after murdering the popular elected premier of the country. The CIA needed brainless foot soldiers to halt the advance of socialism in Afghanistan. The Proximally located ISI had found its jihadi HQs just down Aabpara road in the form of Lal Masjid. Madrassas were established and used to produce indoctrinated cannon fodder for the new jihad in Afghanistan. And thus began the long process that finds us here today. The taliban terrorists, having been defeated by the west are now eyeing our own home. This is our own blow back effect. The CIA coined this term to define the un-intended consequences of its operations or policies. The problem with our blowback is it threatens to blow up in our faces and tear our heart out.

Dire as the situation seems, all hope is not lost. Who better than a self-proclaimed moderate muslim general and president to clean up the mess of another self proclaimed fundamentalist muslim general and president.


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3 Responses to “Pakistan’s blood red Temple of Doom: Lal Masjid”

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Law must be upheld. At the same time, dismantling these centers will require availability of alternative primary and secondary schooling for the rural and urban poors who send their kids to madrassas for education and sometimes food.
This system of parallel education became pouplar because of the failure of our primary education system .While plenty of money has been spent on higher education for the elite through HEC, not much is available for the basic schooling.

You have raised a very valid point AA. I am not so sure if the children are being given to the madrassas just for education. I think many of the children are sent to madrassa for the housing and feeding also. And that is where our country comes across as completely broken. The absolute lack of any social security from the government means people are completely on their own. In such circumstances they take help from whoever offers it.

Lal Masjid is the base of Terrorism fronting their
good deeds as the “Aunty Shameem” case and recently
the “kidnapped chinese massage” workers, but
ifthis goes on it will ruin Pakistan and Islam’s

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