Talibaat-e- Jamia Hafsa dance for the jehadis

Posted on April 10, 2007. Filed under: Humour, Jamia Hafsa Ninjas |

I found this video on youtube a while ago. What better time than now to share some hijabi gyrations.

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9 Responses to “Talibaat-e- Jamia Hafsa dance for the jehadis”

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I am not sure if these two are girls or guys. Traditionally, men disguised in women makeup and dress used to perform on the streets of Peshawar. These are no different except that hijab has made their job easy. And since it is not possible to tell the gender contrary to what is advertised, participants stand disqualified from copmetition.
By the way, Mullah Omar does not care boy or girl, winner or loser… He will give thanks for whatever he can get his hands on….

I think these are just a couple of afghani kids. A boy and a girl. The girl comes in later and is clearly the better dancer. I think she wins by default.

And as you know, mullah omar will take happily what ever young body comes by, the boy might still be in the race for some loving talibaan style.

Allah has blessed Khalifa Omar with just one eye so by default ” wo sab ko aik aankh se dekhtey hain”

who bluddy upload this on the site. kis ney
apni maa nacha ke site pr rakhdi hey.behn chod k
ka bacha. The girls of Jama Hafsa are holy
Maa mtchudao apni

kis ne apni maa nachai hey!!randi ke bachey.

MuaviahAli what kind of an email address is that. Its comments like yours that confirm my views of the islamists. I am sure you had no problem when the names, pictures, and home addresses of three women were plastered all over the country and they labelled whores. It was these same madrassa girls. Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni. Wait till it happens to your family.

some people agree with singing and dancing while some dont and it doesnt matter who is doing this because the point is people openly abuse each other on enlightened sites and if that is freedom than why are jamia hafsas people not alllowed to practice their religion whichever way they may choose ; violence defiance of islam or forcing of islam : it should be kept only to a part of a country and not the whole nation or ummmah for that matter


all talibat of Jame Hafsa pious & noble

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