Nilofar, Seenay nal lag ja, tha kar ke

Posted on April 12, 2007. Filed under: Fatwa, Stupid people, Talibanization |

I have spent two days trawling the web for the supposedly racy picture of the Nilofar Bakhtiar that earned her a fatwa from the Halwa courts at Lal Masjid. Will someone please show me. I am somewhat of a collector of inappropriate female images and would love to have the one that earned our tourism minister the wrath of the Halwa brigades.

The picture was apparently taken after she had just paraglided into Paris with an instructor, and he gave her a congratulatory hug. The stunt was part of events to raise money for victims and survivors of the 2005 earthquake that killed more than 75000 in Pakistan. How quickly we have forgotten our tragedy always amazes me.

The minister is said to have brushed the threats aside. This Lady has some cajones. She was part of the group who attacked the court during Nawaz Sharif’s govt. Still she might be being foolhardy. The murder of Punjab minister Zille Huma by an islamic fundamentalist is still fresh in our collective memory.

Her paragliding stunt may have been for a noble cause. Certainly did more for victims of the earthquake than any mullah. And it might have done some good for the image of Pakistan and Pakistani women, painting them as strong and progressive. Alas, the fatwa has made bigger news and undone any improvement in Pakistan’s image. Minister Bakhtiar’s job of selling Pakistan as a tourism destination just got tougher, and not just because she is watching out for crazded islamic killers.

Update: I finally found the pictures: courtesy of the MicroPakistan blog, now featured on the blogroll. neelofar.jpg Click the thumbnail for a full size picture.


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6 Responses to “Nilofar, Seenay nal lag ja, tha kar ke”

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What is meant by the halwa courts? Is this the Urdue translation for Kangroo courts?

Nice blog you have, With your *presumed* permission I am going to add you to my blogroll.

Ghazala, I use the term Halwa court as a term of endearment for the new islamic court established by the Lal Masjid in Islamabad. In Urdu comedy the Halwa along with mithai, pulao, and zarda is entwined with the imagery of the mullahs.
Thanks for adding my blog to your links. I have reciprocated. You guys are doing some good stuff at your end. Keep it up.

Well falling from a plane must give you such a huge doze of adrenaline equivalent to a life time supply. In that case, what else you do if you dont hug the person right next to you. Alas , this gets you a fatwa.

By the way , the paratrooping position of the minister seems to be much more compromising than an innocent hug. Strangely nobody is talking about that. 🙂

Babar yaar the whole series of pictures was published and they are all being talked as one. The seating position has to be awkward because they are tethered together for the tandem jump. I think the instructor and minister are sitting as best as they can on the floor of the plane while tied together waiting to jump.
A man kissing his daughter can be seen as something sexual by those without context or malice. Guess the motive for the fatwa in this case

alll politicians enjoy as they want y they associate them
self with islami jamhoria pakistan.
the name pf pakistan should be changed and should be as
islami euoropia pakistan. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa

Shahzad, you got the name wrong. Take the islami out. It was never originally islami. That is a later addition to the name of the country to make the mullahs happy for political help. I wouldn’t mind jamhoria europia Pakistan or jamhoria amreekia Pakistan for that matter. i doubt that they will accept us though. So we are left with plain Pakistan. And that is the way it should always have stayed.

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