Shilpa, Aa pappian jhapian pa lein hum

Posted on April 16, 2007. Filed under: Stupid people |

Just a couple days ago, a great hue and cry was raised and a fatwa issued against a Pakistani woman, after pitures of her recieving a peck on the cheek made the urdu tabloid press. It is now the turn of religious fanatics in India to frown at the public display of affection by two people at a public event. The offenders over there are Richard Gere and indian actress Shilpa Shetty. The two were present at an event to promote AIDS awareness amongst transport workers in India. Truckers in India are a high risk group when it comes to contracting and transmitting AIDS.

At some point Gere decided to lay a slurpy one on Shilpy and she coyed, the attendee crowd cheered, next day the streets jeered. And then they decided to engage in that time honored tradition of third world protestors: efigy burning. Both Richard and Shilpa were represented amid the passion drama replete with slogan, smoke and flame. Did someone say HOT.



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6 Responses to “Shilpa, Aa pappian jhapian pa lein hum”

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Let us be honest. Do you really think that these noise makers in both countries are religious people? No! These whaking guys are venting their frustrations because they never got laid!

are you serious?!

that’s way too funny. oh and i love your post title.

The striking similarity is the same age group of Nilo adn Shilpa.

AA, in Pakistan the loudest protest along with a fatwa came from Lal Masjid. Can’t get more religious than that nowadays. In India, I am suspecting the protestors were workers of BJP and RSS members. The politicians who complained in Indian newspapers were certainly BJP.

Pakistani Spectator, I am sure Nilo is very happy to hear your estimate of her age.

By the way BBC reports that arrest warrants have been issued for both culprits – public display of obscenity.
Since Gere converted to Buddhism several years ago, he could have achieved nirvana privately. I mean, why pray in public?

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