All hail the new Captain

Posted on April 19, 2007. Filed under: Cricket |

So the PCB has finally decided upon a new captain in Shoaib Malik. For a while there it seemed as if the issue of the captaincy was going to be another big drama. People were throwing their hats in, others were retrieving their caps out of the ring. Mad house.

Shoaib is a good cricketer. Unlike most Pakistani batsmen, he hasn’t made any fuss of his position in the batting order. Instead, he has let the willow do the talking for him by playing well at any position he was inserted into. His contributions with the ball make him into a potent all-rounder. On top of that he is the best fielder in the team and that includes our wicket keeper. Those in the know have opined about his sharp cricketing mind and his team spirit. Pakistani cricket teams of our youth were admired as much for their fighting spirit in losing as for their flamboyant wins. That attitude came from the top down. Lately, it seemed top was lacking in passion. Lets hope this new direction in terms of leadership also signals a change in the way teams are selected and cricketers are developed.

As a cricketer he is a good fit for the job over the long term. Then there is the ‘it’ factor. Is he it? Has he got it? I think he is, and he does. He is a smart looker. He took care of his school boy hair a while ago all by himself. He has yet to be pictured in a beard or flip flops. And most importantly, he can speak English. I know I am going to get flak for this comment. But dammit we are not a nation of jahils. English is the international language of cricket. We can’t have someone up at the podium make us all look like idiot fundoos. Whatever happened to Pakistani cricketers being smart with dress and demeanor. Shoaib can bring that back.


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2 Responses to “All hail the new Captain”

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Folks, I enjoyed playing cricket in the narrow streets and sometimes in the palyground as well. But lately I am beginning to admire one of Hitler’s fine acts i.e. he banned cricket from Germany after losing a 5 days test match – put his people to work and brought tremendous technological wonders. Compare that to the British Empire that lost its balls by continuing to indulge in a time wasting game. Surprisingly, the poor countries of the Common Wealth continue to provide entertainment for the former masters. (by the way, even within the Common Wealth, countries with higher index of living and prosperity are the white ones, brownies on the other hand are still struggling…)
Lately, cricket has become a good opium for the masses and getting high every now and then is not such a bad idea specailly if it generates billions for the bookmakers (and players for fixing the game.) And since some of the money does circulate and provide for the vendors to sell alloo-choley and make a living for their families – I support circket. Therefore my vote is for Shoaib – Heil Malik!

AA, come on yaar. Hitler was probably pissed of that his superior Germans lost. Never in their history have the germans had an empire the size of the one ruled from London.
Even if the economic imapct of the sport was nil, it provides our people with the only family entertainment in the country. What else can the whole family enjoy together. What else brings the whole country together regardless of gender, ethnicity, sect, age, socio-economic position. For better or worse, we are the Cricketing republic of Pakistan.

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