Some observations of GEOs’ coverage of the CJP rally in Lahore

Posted on May 6, 2007. Filed under: Chief Justice of Pakistan, Electronic media in Pakistan |

I have spent the better part of this saturday, dos equis (viva mexico) and chicken tikka in hand, eyes glued to GEOs’ coverage of the Chief Justices’ 24-hour journey from Islamabad down the GT road to Lahore. There is a lot to be said about the process and spectacle that should have been an essentially constitutional issue. But right now I have a couple of observations about the tv coverage of the event.

  • Firstly, kudos to Geo for giving precedence to this event over regular programming.
  • Geo should seriously think about acquiring a helicopter or two to cover such events from the air and give its subscribers a birds eye view. We could use that perspective. In the short term maybe they can charter such aircraft.
  • There was evidence of fatigue in the Geo production teams.
  • At times the newscasters/hosts came back from commercial breaks only to send us back on commercial breaks without uttering a word.
  • At a couple of other instances the programme would come back and the cameras catch the hosts anawares and not ready to be on air.
  • Still on other occasions the breaks would run a lot longer than usual with the Geo graphics being played on a loop. I am guessing this was caused to prevent the above two scenarios.
  • One suggestion I have for such instances would have been to shift the viewers to the cameras accompanying the CJ or at location in Lahore, even without the camera team saying anything. The event was powerful and interesting on its own and just some raw camera coverage would have brought that ambience home to the viewers.
  • For an event that lasted hours, there was a paucity of video clips and the same clips was being looped on itself tens of times for many hours.
  • I don’t know if Geo has tv Vans with uplinking ability as they do in western countries. That would have helped in providing us the atmosphere on the road live. If they do maybe such assets could be used more effectively.

This is slightly above nitpicking but its the little things that make for the highest quality product. Kudos to Geo for having the stamina to hang in there for the duration of such a marathon event, especially when it seems to have dragged on for much longer than expected.

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