Islam is now safe in a country that is 97% muslim

Posted on May 8, 2007. Filed under: Enlightened Moderation My Ass, Politics, Talibanization, Useless Legislation |

Today a bill floored by MP Bhandara to alter the blasphemy laws, to provide equal protection to the prophets and founders of minority religions like Christianity and Buddhism on par with the protection provided to prophet Mohammad, was rejected and then verbally trampled upon by Sher Afgan (the federal minister for parliamentary affairs). Mr Bhandara had argued that all Pakistanis are equal citizens regardless of religious affiliations. Thus, he derived the notion that all religions of Pakistani citizens should have equal treatment under law and that all other religions be afforded the same protection against blasphemy that Islam currently enjoys in the country. Blasphemy against Allah (muslim god) and Muhammad(prophet of Islam) is punishable by death in Pakistan’s current Sharia inspired laws. If passed the bill would have made blasphemy against Jesus, Hindu dieties, or Buddha punishable by death.

These blasphemy laws have been proven in many cases to have been used to persecute non-muslims and Muslims alike. Many times the accusers have used these laws to exact revenge from enemies through law or mob-lynching. That second aspect is most worry some as there are many instances where people have been accused and lynched by mobs within minutes in the middle of roads. The passage of equal protection against blasphemy would have meant, religious minorities could just as well accuse their Muslim or non-muslim antagonists of blasphemy. They’ll be able to dish out as well as they have been taking.

Such a law would protect the remains of our Buddhist past as sacred, and prevent the destruction of Buddhist and Hindu statues and shrines from destruction at the hands of wannabe but-shikans(one who smashes idols). Prof. Adil Najam noticed one such instance of the destruction of our Buddhist heritage.

Instead of discussion, Bhandara was booed by the mullahs of the MMA opposition parties, and received a verbal thrashing from Sher Afgan. ‘This is the parliament of an Islamic state, not a secular one. No one can dare to present a bill here which hurts the sentiments of Muslims,’thundered Sher Afgan. Bhandara’s protestations that the bill would not hurt the sentiments of any Muslims, butwill only seek to protect the sentiments of non-muslims similar hurt were lost among the boos and brays from the parliamentarians. With no support from either the government or the opposition, the motion was rejected by the speaker.

Later, the MMAs’ bill of having Apostasy declared a crime punishable by death, was sent to committee after it received no objections from the government.

Curiously, the applicability of the death penalty for apostasy is going to be based on the sexual maturity of the accused. Thus, the punishment will be available for female offenders beginning at the age of sixteen and male offenders at eighteen. years old. I guess, when it comes to arbitrary laws this is as good as any other criterion. They certainly couldn’t have used a mental maturity test for this as that would have absolved the whole country of culpability. I haven’t yet found a report of any provisions for dealing differently with accused deemed mentally deficient. No insanity defence it seems.

There are provisions for those who repent. First time offenders may be forgiven by the court if the offender repents. Second and third time offenses may be punishable by two year jail term. Death upon the dumb-ass who commits the offence a fourth time. Women are treated differently, and in this case with a lighter final sentence. No death penalty for the serial apostate. A fourth offence shall earn her an indefinite sentence till she is rendered completely subservient.

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10 Responses to “Islam is now safe in a country that is 97% muslim”

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time to update!!

Hukam sar aankhon peh, par dil mar gaya hai. Murdaar dil ki aah hi sunai day gi yahan kuch arsay tak

that made my brain hurt.

i do think it should be ‘murda’ or ‘murdah’…murdaar just sounds like a paki shouting murder (murdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!).

anyway, stop the drama and return to blogging.


You quoted:Blasphemy against Allah (muslim god) and Muhammad(prophet of Islam)

Allah is not God of Muslims alone, many others
accept Allah as God. Muhammad (PBUH) is as well not the prophit of Islam, by the God Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet and His messenger for the Mankind.

As far as the respect is concerned we as Muslim believe in that all prophets are innocent and respectable to usWe follow to respect all prophets of God. The law of Blasphamy is to protect the Respect of Last Prophet as others do that since he was amongest public. We as Muslim oppose any blasphamy against any of the prophet of God.

spectator, i don’t think the hindu & christian and atheist minorities in pakistan accept allah as their god. what about blasphemy against their religion? what about burning down their temples and churches?

thanks for the post –
Please also note that I have moved to Could you please update your blogroll
cheers, RR

That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve read about in a while. I tend to stay fairly dissociated from most political affairs, but it always pisses me off when our politicians start going on about Pakistan being an Islamic Republic. Umm, hello? The country wasn’t meant to be theocratic; Jinnah himself insisted on a separation of mosque and state (to abuse a prevalent phrase); the country’s creation was in order to assure some sort of secure living-space for a Muslim majority, not to create a space dedicated to oppressing non-Muslims. This is so retarded.

Might I suggest to the learned folderol [sic] minister for parliamentary affairs of our blessed land of the puritanical, and the learned mailana furball and his learned crew, that separate enclaves for non-muslims be created. After all we have waaaay more space than poor old Ezra Eel. Look how generous they have been — giving up land in BOTH Ghaza and the West Bank for infidel Palistinans.

Then they can create their own blasphemy laws (shouldn’t they be anti-blasphemy laws?) and not have to worry about Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. My god, such a simpil solushun and no vun giving it the any thot.

tsk tsk tsk

I’m an Australian citizen and if the death penalty for apostasy was applied here at least 50% of the population would be dead as freedom of speech has primacy in our society.We believe that we were given a mind to think with and a tongue to speak and that it is our human right to use both freely.The only people to whom speech is denied are those who would encite others to violence.

wow stephen, such a healthy approach to human rights/freedom. I think I want to be an Australian

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