Someone please stop these dumb TV reporters from revealing tactical information about Lal Masjid siege

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Real time reporting of troop movements and tactical positions by the media is a most problemetic issue in my view. Reporters from TV channels, especially Aaj TV, have continually reported on the moment, positions, and tactical preparations of the troops in real time. This information is of absolutely no use to any of the ordinary viewers of the channels’ coverage. To the layman, it doesn’t matter what kind of troops, in what numbers, with what equipment just went towards which quadrant of the facility. To the average house wife, it doesn’t add anything to coverage to know that the vehicles used for tear gas shelling have just recharged and are moving towards Lal Masjid. To the terrorists, it gives all the warning and time in the world to don gas masks or take other protective measures against the effects of the gas. And the revelations about the troop movements and nature of the troops keep getting more and more flabergasting. Why in gods’ name would you reveal the position of snipers on the rooftops of specific buildings. You might as well climb up there and plant a bullet behind his ears yourself, mr reporter.  A sniper can engage target from 100 yards as well as from 500 yards just as well. Let the terrorists guess where they are being targeted from. Don’t reveal the position of snipers so the terrorists can flush them out or force them to move to secondary positions pre-maturely. They see a UAV circling the madrassa at night and all of these bitches start squeeling at once. That one hour flight that was meant to gain crucial intelligence might just have gone to waste because the terrorist can now change positions, even prepare traps for the troops.

Pakistani media whores have screamed at the slightest restriction in access to the battlefield. But such access should be granted as a privellege dependent upon their common sense. Geraldo Riviera, reporting for Fox News during the US invasion of Iraq, was removed from the country and sent back immediately following one instance of allegedly revealing the positions of some US troops by drawing a map on the sand. Reporters from Aaj and Geo have gone miles beyond that kind of revealing. They have pointed out specific buildings and types of troops. They have reported on troop moments that took away the element of surprise and endangered the troops. They have pointed out government tactics and operations.

I probably shouldn’t say this but the reporters did point out the fact that commandos were laying explosive charges along the walls of the madrassa and the firing from all directions on the madrassa was just a diversion. Could this have caused the incident where the SSG CO was critically wounded along with another officer. I’ll leave this investigation to the authorities. But with the militants being in constant telephonic contact with media and their supporters outside, this hypothesis does not seem a stretch.

At this point the terrorists have better intelligence about the movements of the troops outside, than the troops do about the terrorists inside the buildings.

I am not going to let the military get off scott free here either. They should have clamped down on this the first time this sort of thing happened. Where the fuck is ISPR. Isn’t there one officer who has seen this sort of coverage and felt uneasy about it. The men who fight under one are the officer’s responsibility. How can everyone involved be playing such a loose game here. This sort of carelessness by the media might end up costing many lives of the troops and the people inside when and if an operation is launced to enter the madrassa.

Media should be free to report on the event, but not on the tactics and operations of the troops trying to put an end to this. None of this reporting is adding anything to the home viewer. All they are doing is acting as the eyes and ears of the terrorists inside.

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11 Responses to “Someone please stop these dumb TV reporters from revealing tactical information about Lal Masjid siege”

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i am so shocked to read about what the media is revealing! i haven’t been watching geo or aaj so didn’t have a clue. how the hell can they be allowed to say such stuff? or even have access to that information? you’re absolutely right about the military letting them get away with it, because obviously the reporters themselves are a ruthless bunch who just care about getting as much information as possible.

i watched that video btw, of mullah aziz. hilarious shit. loved the preachy comments of some crazy ass female on youtube, lecturing you in urdu about how you shouldn’t have made it.

Well they have access because the military is allowing them to observe all this from close range. Independence of the media and unchained coverage of events is a new thing in Pakistan. So the media is now working without any ground rules, trying to be the first with any sensationalism.

Some of the comments are hilarious. I thank these people for making me laugh. But it is a sad laugh. People are sending me to hell for using a beard as a prop. As if a beard, or memorizing quran by rote makes someone holier than the rest of us.

Perhaps the “authorities” had actually been feeding spurious information to the media in a cunning cunning ploy aimed at spreading disinformation amongst the ranks of the anomic (tho’ hardly anemic) enemies of the state of dis union.

Or is it that our Intelligence Agencies don’t merit the i-word prefix?

With all due respect, I dont agree with you. Your are over hyping it. Media was the only source through which one could sift the wrong from the right.

I didnt see any significant tactical info
broadcasted by them, except the coming and
going of some armoured cars, and the mention that
the Jamia has been sorrounded from three sides.

CNN and Fox reporters often send their
corresspondents with the raiding parties and
they cover the live combat.

Times are changing.

sure da times is changingwhich is why a formerly perceptive singa/song-righta said

Come writers and critics
who prophesize with your pen
keep your eyes wide
the chance won’t come again
and don’t speak too soon
for the wheel’s still in spin
and there’s no tellin’ who
that it’s namin’

personally i think it’s naming da devil who…

jumped up on a hickory stump and said,
“Boy let me tell ya what.
I guess you didn’t know it
but I’m a fiddle player, too
“And if you’d care to take a dare
I’ll make a bet with you
Now you play pretty good fiddle boy
but give the devil his due
I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul
’cause I think I’m better than you”

are we becoming a world of devils cos the devil is smarter and more insidious than us, or cos it is the inherent nature of humans to be devilish?


just to inform you here that website is up and running again.

and it is more kool now.


shouldn’t it be or something like that? i was under the impression that dot-com sites were for commercial organisations (or am i missing the point here?)

Lal Masjid and associated madrassas are part of the wahabi madrassa investments so a dot com address is fine.

hmmm! minarets ‘r us, eh?

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[…] by the walls, or where to look for snipers. I had already written of this concern earlier, read it here, so I’ll […]

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