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Is imposition of Martial Law a certainity now

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Yes, I have let myself chuckle more than a few times at the drama that unfolded at Islamabad airport. I went to sleep late at night content that Nawaz was being flown to Attock jail. I woke up to find that a couple of hours after that drama, at the airport, he had been air-shipped to Jeddah.

I wish the government had allowed him to come. They should have tried him in the courts under the existing and, even, new cases. They should have tried him in the media as a habitual liar and cheat. They should have destroyed his political career. They should have imprisoned him. Instead, they have decided to ship him off.

This may just turn out to be a further ratcheting up of the confrontation between the apex judiaciary and the Presidency. Should the CJ take notice of this situation in detriment to the government, imposition of martial law would become almost a neccessary evil.

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Nawaz avoids jail time with another deportation, (another deal??)

Posted on September 10, 2007. Filed under: Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan, Politics |

Wow! that was some smoke screen laid down by the government. Just when it seemed that Nawaz was going to be in some jail, he has been deported back to the Saudis. It is being reported that he was shown his arrest warrants along with the original agreement that allowed him to avoid jail and live it up in Saudia. Now that he is back in Jeddah, one dares ask the question: did Naeja make another deal as soon as the warrant and prospects of imprisonment materialized in front of him. 

Chalo issi khushi mein special doodh patti for everyone. Ji aaya noo.

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The vulture has landed

Posted on September 9, 2007. Filed under: Islamabad, Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan, Politics |


A PIA Boeing 777-200ER, flight number PK786, has landed at Islamabad International Airport. Onboard is Mian Nawaz Sharif. Ghundas like Liaqat Baloch, Raja Zafarulhaq, and the seditionist Javed Hashimi have been arrested. While Maulana Diesel Fazalur Rehman has been placed under house arrest. The couple of hundred idiots who came to welcome the bald vulture are being tear gassed on roads leading to the airport. Serves them right. Lets see, where Mian gidh is taken.

There are some reports that a Boeing 737 is sitting fueled and crewed, ready to deliver Nawaz Sharif to Saudia. It would be ironical if this is the same B737 that Mian ji had covetted so much alongwith other chumps who have been prime ministers of Pakistan, until Musharraf finally, gave it back to PIA permanently.

UPDATE: Well, somethings have become clearer. Naeja is not being deported outside. Instead he has been arrested on arrival as most thought would happen and is on way to jail in a helicopter.

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