The vulture has landed

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A PIA Boeing 777-200ER, flight number PK786, has landed at Islamabad International Airport. Onboard is Mian Nawaz Sharif. Ghundas like Liaqat Baloch, Raja Zafarulhaq, and the seditionist Javed Hashimi have been arrested. While Maulana Diesel Fazalur Rehman has been placed under house arrest. The couple of hundred idiots who came to welcome the bald vulture are being tear gassed on roads leading to the airport. Serves them right. Lets see, where Mian gidh is taken.

There are some reports that a Boeing 737 is sitting fueled and crewed, ready to deliver Nawaz Sharif to Saudia. It would be ironical if this is the same B737 that Mian ji had covetted so much alongwith other chumps who have been prime ministers of Pakistan, until Musharraf finally, gave it back to PIA permanently.

UPDATE: Well, somethings have become clearer. Naeja is not being deported outside. Instead he has been arrested on arrival as most thought would happen and is on way to jail in a helicopter.

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Someone please stop these dumb TV reporters from revealing tactical information about Lal Masjid siege

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Real time reporting of troop movements and tactical positions by the media is a most problemetic issue in my view. Reporters from TV channels, especially Aaj TV, have continually reported on the moment, positions, and tactical preparations of the troops in real time. This information is of absolutely no use to any of the ordinary viewers of the channels’ coverage. To the layman, it doesn’t matter what kind of troops, in what numbers, with what equipment just went towards which quadrant of the facility. To the average house wife, it doesn’t add anything to coverage to know that the vehicles used for tear gas shelling have just recharged and are moving towards Lal Masjid. To the terrorists, it gives all the warning and time in the world to don gas masks or take other protective measures against the effects of the gas. And the revelations about the troop movements and nature of the troops keep getting more and more flabergasting. Why in gods’ name would you reveal the position of snipers on the rooftops of specific buildings. You might as well climb up there and plant a bullet behind his ears yourself, mr reporter.  A sniper can engage target from 100 yards as well as from 500 yards just as well. Let the terrorists guess where they are being targeted from. Don’t reveal the position of snipers so the terrorists can flush them out or force them to move to secondary positions pre-maturely. They see a UAV circling the madrassa at night and all of these bitches start squeeling at once. That one hour flight that was meant to gain crucial intelligence might just have gone to waste because the terrorist can now change positions, even prepare traps for the troops.

Pakistani media whores have screamed at the slightest restriction in access to the battlefield. But such access should be granted as a privellege dependent upon their common sense. Geraldo Riviera, reporting for Fox News during the US invasion of Iraq, was removed from the country and sent back immediately following one instance of allegedly revealing the positions of some US troops by drawing a map on the sand. Reporters from Aaj and Geo have gone miles beyond that kind of revealing. They have pointed out specific buildings and types of troops. They have reported on troop moments that took away the element of surprise and endangered the troops. They have pointed out government tactics and operations.

I probably shouldn’t say this but the reporters did point out the fact that commandos were laying explosive charges along the walls of the madrassa and the firing from all directions on the madrassa was just a diversion. Could this have caused the incident where the SSG CO was critically wounded along with another officer. I’ll leave this investigation to the authorities. But with the militants being in constant telephonic contact with media and their supporters outside, this hypothesis does not seem a stretch.

At this point the terrorists have better intelligence about the movements of the troops outside, than the troops do about the terrorists inside the buildings.

I am not going to let the military get off scott free here either. They should have clamped down on this the first time this sort of thing happened. Where the fuck is ISPR. Isn’t there one officer who has seen this sort of coverage and felt uneasy about it. The men who fight under one are the officer’s responsibility. How can everyone involved be playing such a loose game here. This sort of carelessness by the media might end up costing many lives of the troops and the people inside when and if an operation is launced to enter the madrassa.

Media should be free to report on the event, but not on the tactics and operations of the troops trying to put an end to this. None of this reporting is adding anything to the home viewer. All they are doing is acting as the eyes and ears of the terrorists inside.

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The Hafsa Ninja abduction case: what now?

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On the third day, auntie Shamim, as the kidnapped woman was known to her neighbours, was finally released by her captors along with her family. But not before they were forced to record a meia culpa in front of media. The supporters of Laathi raj are now pointing out that statement as proof positive that she was involved in said activities. Not many have pointed out that the statement was extracted under extreme duress, after two days of solitary confinement, during which they were harassed and underwent physical and mental abuse. What is a person under such circumstance to assume of her prospects. The circumstances of her abduction following a violent home invasion are now know to all. There have to be hundreds of witnesses in the neighborhood and along the route back to the madrassa. Most reports have put the number of the attacking ninja and talibaan party at sixty to eighty. They must have created a ruckus. With such a large audience and no one coming to release her for two days in the middle of Islamabad, she must have assumed her goose was on the roaster. Al-qaeda and talibaan terrorists have confessed to more sinister crimes with less torture. Long story short, the abductees confessed their sins and promised to stay on sunni path. They were released and shortly thereafter, they recanted their statements.

On the surface it looks like a case of much ventured, nothing gained for the Lal Masjid goondas. But the woman and her activities were never the issue to begin with. The whole action was perpetuated to establish the writ of the mullah on Pakistani psyche. And we all saw the grip is broad and strong. Hordes have come out supporting the rights of the bearded and hooded citizens to forcefully enforce their belief system on the rest of the society. Where else in the world can gangster abduct people from a major city, abduct police men from the street, and hold them all prisoners for any lenght of time. This can only happen in a broken society. It can only happen where law and order has broken down to the extent that criminals can roam the streets free and enforce their own version of law and order. And that is exactly what the talibaan are and that is what they accomplished in Islamabad.

A few days later we have seen the talibaan and ninja committee threaten audio/video stores to stop selling CDs and DVDs. We have seen them threaten the government with suicide attacks if any action weretaken against them. We have seen them establish a parallel court system inside their mosques. The writ of the government has been effectively challenged in the seat of the government, it has been found weak, and has been replaced by the writ of the mullah. Lets see whose head rolls at the end of the day.

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Jamia Hafsa Ninjas on the rampage again

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Ninja, the word conjures up images of trained killers acting as hired guns for their evil masters. Performing sabotage, espionage, and assassinations to subvert civil society. Katanas and throwing stars aside, the ninjas real weapon was fear. They conquered through fear, employing tactics that can only be defined today as terrorism. It took the state a while to gather up the courage to wage a campaign against them and rid society of their menace.

As the sun was setting on Tuesday evening, a gang of ninjas was making final preparations inside their temple with plans to invade a house and abduct four members of the resident family. Those who saw the armed gang leaving the devilishly red Lal Masjid knew something ominous was in the air. Thirty women clad in black from head to toe were backed up by ten of their brothers in arms as the group moved through the creeping shadows.
They moved swiftly …. at times. Mostly though, they ran into each other, and into street poles, and into oncoming traffic. You see, the ninja’s stealthy black burqa costumes are marvels of costume design. A flowing A-line, that allows ease of movement and prevents even educated observers from reading the movements of the ninja. The only drawback is the extremely limited peripheral vision. For all practical purposes the Hafsa ninjas march and fight with tunnel vision. That explains the purpose of the male chaperone’s. They make sure the ninjas don’t succumb to the perils of a journey down the block. Some of the talibs walk in front. These forward observers also serve as beacons for the ninjas to follow and stay on path. Other talibs form the rear guard and a couple are posted on the flanks. This arrangement work well to keep the flock together. The talibs are not as efficient as, …. ehhhh … say sheep dogs. We have all marvelled at the ability of a couple of dogs to flock hundreds of sheep. But then again the sheep have a better sense of their surroundings and possibly better developed civic and common senses. The Hafsa ninjas compensate for these with overtly developed senses of moral superiority and religious fanaticism.
Residents of nearby sector G-6 cowered in fear as the gang of armed ninjas swept through the streets and converged on the target house. There were four people in the house. The matron of the family, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and her grand daughter of only six months. These poor women didn’t know what hit them. Within moments the ninjas had overpowered the residents. The beaten and scared women were then hurriedly marched back down the block to, Lal Masjid, the ninja’s temple-cum-fortress.
The word of the ninja attack and abductions spread through the city like fire. The government has so far been reluctant to confront the lawless Hafsa ninja. These ninja have their own vision of what the law of the land should be. Something the call the law of the Hasba. They have previously stared down the government on a couple of occasions. First, when they forced the government to back down on their illegal land grabs and later when they occupied a children’s public library for weeks. The writ if the government eroded further when taliban from Lal Masjid grabbed a couple of police men from the street and held them hostage.
The question now is how long before the government and people of Pakistan realize our freedoms and society are worth defending against the menace of Hafsa, Hasba, Burka, Durka et al.
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Torn Jacket of the Chief Justice

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I feel as if I was stripped naked today in broad daylight on a busy road. I want to crawl into a dark hole, put my head on my knees and mourn the death of my dignity and honor. If you are a Pakistani and you don’t feel the same way today then either you have already lost your dignity long time ago or you are so senseless that small matters of national embarrassment don’t bother you the least bit.Of course I am talking about the blatant disregard of the constitution by our esteem president regarding the sacking and subsequent dishonoring of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. In any civilized society, the judiciary is extended utmost respect since it is the flag carrier of human rights, equality and justice. Whether it is a matter of punishing a pick pocket or defining the laws of the land in the light of the constitution, judiciary is the last venue for a common man to have a say. Every great nation and ancient civilization elevated its judiciary to the highest levels of honor to guarantee the basic rights of its citizens. Looking at the history of judiciary in Pakistan, one is surprised to see how it has been used as a tool for politicians to achieve their political goals and to advance their agenda.We can write pages upon pages trying to cover the history of judicial misconduct in Pakistan and how it was misused by the governments and politicians, but that is best left for another day. Today I just want to write about the treatment of his honor Justice Iftikhar by the government of Pakistan. The top judge of the nation is being treated like a criminal, manhandled by the police and forced under house arrest on some charges that have not even been released to the public. No matter what the charges are, the chief of judiciary should be given more respect than that. The prestige and dignity of the post of CJ of Pakistan (that he still constitutionally hold) should not be compromised under any circumstances.In next few days, we might find out more about the charges and the ruling of SJC on this case. Right now though the whole episode looks like a part of the larger conspiracy that may have a long lasting impact on Pakistan. Until then I will remain in my dark hole and pray that my nation will find an ounce of conscience so things like this are never repeated. I invite all of you to mourn with me, or at least the ones who feel that the torn jacket of the Chief Justice is more than an ungainly disarrangement of threads. It is a tear in the basic cloth of our society and represents how uncivil we are in this civilized world.

I am either a self hating Pakistani or someone who loves Pakistan so much that every spot on the honor of my society feels like a personal attack on me. I am yet to find out the answer.

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